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The forums are now open, however they are invite only.

As a member of GND, you get free access for life.

All you need to do is email and list three things:

1 - your current member name with which GND site you're a member of.

2 - your real first name so we can confirm you're who you say you are.

3 - your email address that you'd like the invite sent to.

After sending the email, we will send you an invite to the forums. As a member of the forums, you'll have access to chatting with the girls and you'll also be given three invites for you to invite friends to the forums if you wish. When you invite someone, it's like vouching for them. What this means, is that if you invite someone and they create drama or hassles and end up getting suspended, you too are suspended.

We're pretty sure you're going to enjoy the community we're building. Girls will be posting frequently and yes, this also means they'll be sharing photos and what not.  Most forums have trouble makers, but not our forum. :)

Send off your email and start posting!

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